• What Are The Stages And Technology Drivers Of IT Infrastructure Evolution?

    What Are The Stages And Technology Drivers Of IT Infrastructure Evolution?

    There are 5 stages of IT infrastructure evolution, these are:
    1. The Mainframe Era,
    2. The Personal Computer Era,
    3. The Client/Server Era,
    4. The Enterprise Computing Era and
    5. The Cloud Computing Era.
    The Law of the Moore deals with the exponential augments in processing power and decline within the worth of technology, stating that every eighteen months the ability of microprocessors doubles and also the value of computing falls in half. The Law of Mass Digital Storage deals with the exponential decrease within the value of storing information, stating that the quantity of kilobytes of information which will be kept on magnetic media for $1 nearly doubles in every fifteen months. The Law of Metcalfe helps shows that a network’s worth to participants grows exponentially because the network takes on additional members. Additionally driving exploding pc use is that the swift decline in prices of communication and growing agreement within the technology business to use computing and communications standards.


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