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  • Tips to Create Perfect Study Environment at Home

    Tips to Create Perfect Study Environment at Home

    Study space is essential to study effectively. A perfect study environment increases your ability to concentrate on study. If you cannot focus or are not comfortable, you cannot expect to learn very well and stunning results.

    So, a good student should perform a study environment research for better academic life.

    And, it is crucial to create the best study environment that raises productivity and minimize distractions.

    This article helps you to find out the answer to ‘how to create a motivational study space?’

    According to a study, most students spend a significant amount of time studying- an average of seventeen hours a week. That is almost a part-time job, and it is hard to fit in for students who are already maintaining a family and career.

    I personally have found that the right study environment is the key to academic success. As students, we know, studying is a large part of our lives.

    It is crucial to launch and establish a platform in which students can be productive.

    In this article, I have included a checklist below in the rating of your study environment. It includes where you study, when, and how you learn.

    Once you have identified your responsibility for what works for you, try to avoid those conditions you do not perform best.

    If you do not know the right answer to one or more of the questions, take the time to experiment.

    Now Many Of The Items On This Chart Should Be Understandable To You

    Why you realize the need for a particular environment is not essential. Knowing you have a preference is. Here’s what you are trying to assess in each item of the checklist:

    Listening and Seeing

    Suppose you prefer “listening” to “seeing,” you will have little problem getting the right information from your class lectures and discussions. You will like them to studying textbooks.

    Reading Skills

    You have to concentrate on your reading skills and spend more and more time with your textbooks to balance this tendency.

    Highlighting your selected texts may help.

    If you are more of a “visual” person, you will probably find it easier reading your textbook and may have to work to improve your classroom concentration.

    Class Notes

    Taking brilliant class notes will probably be essential for you too. You will also want to adapt your note-taking methods to your visual preference: Rather than writing notes like everybody else, draw images, use charts, and learn how to “map/chart” a lecture.

    • This should be related and link in with your previous answer. The more “aural” you are, the more you should focus on listening. The more “visual,” the better your notes should be for later assessment.
    • This may make a variance for many reasons. You may find it difficult to see or hear from the back of the classroom.
    • Some students may feel shy and want to sit up front to motivate yourself to participate or contribute to class discussions. You may feel a little less oppressive sitting near a window. Otherwise, you may daydream too much if you are near a window and should sit as far “inside” the classroom as possible.

    Location of Study

    Naturally, most people have their manner of studying. Some people like to use flashcards; some people repeatedly read the materials until it sticks in the head.

    However, some of us do not care about the location in which they are studying.

    But the place in which you study matters more than many people realize. Learning in a suitable environment where you feel comfortable increases your concentration and leads to more productive study sessions.

    Considering the limitations of the current living situation and schedule, the location you find most conducive to study should be where you spend most of your study time.

    “I don’t like studying in Founder’s Hall because there’s a lot of people going through it,”

    Amanda Albarouki

    manage your study

    Deciding how to organize and manage your study time to most effectively cover the material may depend, comparatively, on the amount of homework you are burdened with and the time of year.

    Eat Something

    Some of us get bad-tempered if we try to do anything when we are hungry. So eat something if you study poorly when your stomach is growling.

    The food you take every day can have a significant impact on how your brain works. Appropriate foods are essential to remember around exam time when you are probably paying more attention to books than break.

    So, learn how the food you eat affects your body, then you can choose the right foods that increase your memory, fuel your brain, and help you boom your study schedule.

    Read Also: Best Foods To Boost Your Brain and Memory Power

    Healthy brain food for studying includes Protein-meat, eggs, fish, legumes, poultry, nuts, and seeds (such as walnuts, almonds, and peanuts, as well as sunflower and pumpkin seeds), dried beans and lentils, and soy products.

    Protein sends messages to your whole body and helps to create brain chemicals that ultimately improve your mood.

    Most of us grow up studying alone

    If we study with a friend, there’s usually more talking, TV watching, and anything but studying.

    But there is no scope to underestimate the positive effect of learning with one or two friends—or even a more extensive study group. Group study can help your mastery of schoolwork and your grades.

    Organize to avoid panicking

    You are performing best under pressure. This does not mean that you should leave your projects, papers, and studying for tests until the last minute. It just means you will not panic when an unexpected project, surprise test is announced.

    Concentration Under Pressure

    If you do not study with concentration under pressure, it doesn’t mean you sometimes will not be needed to do so. It is true that the better organized you are, the easier it will be to avoid panicking situations when the unexpected arises.

    Need Absolute Quiet

    Some of us will find it difficult to concentrate without music or some noise. Other people could not sit in front of the TV. They do anything but breathe and eat. You need absolute quiet to study for a test. If you do not know how you function best, now is the time to find out.

    Stable in One Project

    It is good to set up a study schedule and complete it before moving to another one. It doesn’t mean that you cannot move to another project, while the first one is unfinished.

    Some people may have no trouble working on one project, switching to another one and when they get stuck and need a break, then going back to the first project.

    Study Break

    There is nothing wrong with taking a break during the study and taking a break at study help to keep yourself sharp and maximize your quality study time.

    It can help your brain remember information more effectively and improve your concentration and motivation while you are studying!

    But your study break shouldn’t be every five minutes and don’t last longer than the study periods! Taking a study break too frequently will require too much “review time” when you return to your desk.

    • You have been concentrating profoundly and focusing on your work for 45-60 minutes.
    • When You have been studying for a while, and you are no longer able to focus as effectively as when you started. You notice your mind wandering more frequently, and you are unable to recall information easily.
    • Need an inspiring break when you are switching from one subject to another.

    Remove Distractions

    Your study time’s success is as good as your ability to emphasize, focus, and concentrate while studying.

    Choosing the right study environment, reducing distractions (internal or external), and controlling your multitasking can help make your study time more productive and effective.

    Ways to Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused on Studying
    • Organized with a to-do list.
    • Break your big projects into small pieces.
    • Find the best environment for efficient studying.
    • Clean up and organize your workspace.
    • Take a Break. Our life is hectic, so you can find yourself distracted from studying by thinking about something else.

    Keep things organized

    One of the most significant ways to confirm you get your homework done successfully at home is to keep your notes, books, and other important materials organized.

    After using them, please keep your materials in the same place.

    Final Thought

    A perfect and suitable study environment could be all it takes to get back into study mode. If your institute has a campus library, then it is an obvious choice. But if you are not living near your school, a public library is a good alternative.

    I have found that having the ideal study environment is the key to academic success. It is vital to create proper space/places for the study where you can be productive and comfortable.

  • Productive Things To Do Instead Of Watching TV

    Productive Things To Do Instead Of Watching TV

    I know some people claim that television is the source of all evil, while other people think often television is a best friend in modern life. Some people blame television for society’s violence, misinformation, and consumerism, while other people consider this as a rich resource for education and standard life, and global understanding. In this article, you can discover some Useful and Productive Things To Do Instead Of Watching TV.

    Why is it bad to watch TV?

    Actually, too much TV is bad for your brain. The person who watches a lot of television and does not take exercise much may face some difficulties in their brains, a new study suggests. Because being physically active at any time is good for your brain. And you also have heard that sitting too close to a TV can hamper your eyes.

    The TV also has a bad influence on kids like brain development, overweight, sleep difficulties, behavior problems, lower grade, and other health issues. Studies have shown that there’s a correlation or relationship between watching television and obesity.

    Here is a list of Useful and Productive Things To Do Instead Of Watching TV.

    Boost Your Productivity:

    Read a Book

    You should read an attractive and interesting book on topics of your interest Instead Of Watching TV. If you do this, you will learn something helpful regarding your area of interest. Read a daily newspaper, so, you can get out new things that happen in the present world.

    Therefore, you will find out more about the world. Furthermore, reading has an important number of benefits and here are some common benefits of reading: Gives new way of life, Give different perspective to life, Improves memory, Reading increase and imagination, Reading makes you smarter, To learn from masters.

    Go to Museum

    Museums are such institutions created in the public interest. It is a good case of the informal learning environment, which means they are devoted predominantly to informal education. Museums get research, interpret, preserve, and disclose the tangible and intangible facets of society and nature.

    No doubt that the main role of museums is to connect and educate the community. For Example, the New York Museum Education Act aims to create a partnership between schools and cultural institutions to get ready students for the 21st century. Learning through visiting Museums is a lifelong process whereby individuals acquire attitudes, values, skills, and knowledge from daily experience.

    The U.S.Department of Labor estimates more than 70% of work-related learning occurs outside formal training. So It becomes about impossible to leave a museum without having gained any information or insight during the visit.

    Rethink your Goal

    In our life the goals we make change as time passes. So today is the best time to revisit your goals. Think and note of why you made them, then if necessary, add any new goals to your list, also think of what has been done successfully and what needs to be done in the future to accomplish them. It will inspire you to work more and encourage you to make them come true.

    Go to the Library: Books! Books! Books!

    In short, Libraries are useful and magical places. A library is an ideal place for learning as well as discovery. It is also a reading, relaxing environment with much more to offer than books. At every library, you have access to every type of book imaginable. There is no place like the library.

    Organize/Clean Your Home

    Your home is your HEAVEN. It is true that there is no place on Earth as good as your own home. So clean your HOME. If it’s already clean, then get organized. To clean your home, just do the following:

    1. In the morning, load all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and fill the sink with hot soapy water.
    2. Dunk sponge in hot water and grip out excess, wipe down cabinets, counter, and others.
    3. Wipe down appliances.
    4. Finish cleaning any stove pieces and replace them.
    5. Spray your shower with cleaner after each.
    6. Hang tower on bars and robes on hooks.
    7. Always keep a laundry basket in the bathroom for towels.
    And at night….
    8. Clean your countertop of clutter.
    9. Clean your toilet during your nighttime routine.
    10. Wipe down the countertop after getting ready for bedtime.

    Join a class

    Join an activity class for instance music, dance, yoga, swimming, etc. There are a number of effective activities going on in your surroundings.

    Visit Someone

    Visiting, calling friends and relatives is really a good job. Visiting is always more fun with friends and relatives. Though Facebook is great for keeping in touch with people it is no substitute for meeting them in person. FederationUniversity’s Associate Professor of tourism and management Dr. Elisa Backer has found visiting or being visited by relatives or friends can actually improve the quality of life. Always keep in mind-Life is short, and the holidays are shorter.

    Learn New Skill:

    Graphics Design

    Learn graphics design since it helps to express your internal imagination, creativity, improve your social skills, opportunities to work with reputable companies, stable income, you can freelancer. At present many artists are moving towards graphic designers.

    Furniture Making

    You can learn and become a furniture maker. To acquire this skill is easy but very effective to earn money. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Cabinetmakers and Carpenters can make anywhere from $9.50 to $17.50 per hour. The average yearly salary of woodworking is between $19,200 and 39,200. To become a woodworking apprentice, you should obtain a High School Diploma, Work Experience, or Vocational Training. Enter a formal apprenticeship program and gain experience.

    Apps Development

    Learn Apps Development since you don’t need a college or university degree to learn this skill. As an Apps-developer you have huge job opportunities. You can become your own BOSS and also an Entrepreneur. So what should you learn to develop apps? You must know the tools to become an Apps developer like Java, SQL, Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and Android Studio, XML, perseverance, etc. What is the salary of an Apps Developer? According to PayScale, the average salary for an application developer with Javascript skills is more than $68000 per year, with a reported salary range of $45,800 to$98,000 per year.


    Bankers play a crucial role in our society by investing, protecting, and lending money. Most of the bankers also play a direct job in helping clients’ make some significant decisions about their lives, for example, purchasing homes, saving for college, and planning for their business. There are various job positions in a Bank, like FinancialAnalysts, Bank Teller, Loan Officer, Financial Manager, etc. How much do bank jobs pay? The average United States Bank’s salary ranges from approximately $27,500 per year for the Credit Application Processor to $110,800 per year for the Anti MoneyLaundering manager.


    Learning Coding, (which is also called programming), empowers you to do, solve many things easily, you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. It is a skill set that students could use for a future career in a world that has a lack of skilled coders and programmers. Coding can help students in their other subjects. Coding can improve soft skills like problem-solving and perseverance. The most important thing about learning to code, you will be able to understand the technology shaping your world.

    Web Development

    Today it is a trendy skill in the tech world. Web Developers definitely incredible artists, conceptualizing, and designing websites. One of the major benefits is that most of the web developers will eagerly admit to the flexible working hours. You do not need any higher education for being a web developer. So you get to pay for what you know and not your education. You can earn more than your Boss. According to the U.S. News & World Report, a certified professional web developer can earn an average salary of $64,990 generally. Therefore Web Development has really demand, Demand, and Demand.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing and a merchant paying a commission to the external website for sale or traffic generated from its referrals. It is one of the cost-effective and simplest ways to earn more money. Affiliate marketing has a better ROI (Return on Investment). So it doesn’t require owning products but needs linking up the specific buyer and seller. Some steps you should follow to become an affiliate marketing, like-

    1. Choose your niche,
    2. Research different affiliate programs and products,
    3. Build a website,
    4. Produce excellent content,
    5. Promote your affiliate products,
    6. Build an audience



    The podcast is a combination of audio, video, PDF, and ePub files. The podcast is an effective, portable, convenient way to provide and produce content. In a Podcast, the content is communicated openly and directly to you, the listener either verbally or through video.

    Get Organized:

    Plan Your Meals

    Plan your weekly meals. See what you already have. Look in your freezer, refrigerator, and cabinets. Use a worksheet to plan your meals. Create a list of recipes to try. Think about your schedule. Plan to use leftovers. There are many benefits of meal planning, including: save money, eat real food, don’t waste foods, less stress, save time, add variety, have a daily template, and focus on core recipes.

    Complete Your Maintenance Around Your Home

    Ensure the outdoor drainage system, clean out gutters, inspect the exterior of your home, get your air conditioning system ready for summer, repair or replace damaged window screens, clear deed shrubs/plants from the house, check trees for interference with electric lines.

    Start a Garden

    A famous slogan – No Plants = No Life that cannot be healthy for our world. We can’t drink, eat, and breathe without them around. We know plants don’t need to take in oxygen to breathe. Only humans and animals need oxygen to survive. Plants have a positive impact on creatures because it directly increases the production of oxygen supply on this planet. Gardening or planting has a substantial impact on the health and well0being of the nation and reduces the health costs associated with conditions for example obesity, mental illness, and loneliness.

    Manage your Finance:

    Do your Taxes or Learn How

    It is a very crucial task for your financial work because filing your tax return early will assist to reduce the need to file an extension. There are some extra advantages to filing a joint tax return with your spouse. On the other hand, couples who file individually or separately receive few tax considerations. Individual tax returns give you a higher tax with a higher tax rate.

    Read a Financial Planning Article or Book

    What are the advantages to read a financial planning article or book? The main benefits of having a Certified Financial Planner, creating a financial plan will help you watch the big image and set up long and short-term life target or goals. When you have a targeted financial plan, it is easier to make financial decisions and also assist to stay on track to reach your goals.

    For the finance professionals who want to be better understand their industry and potentially improve their practice, here are the best 10 suggestions about financial books.
    Barbarians at the Gate.

    1. Security Analysis.
    2. The Intelligent Investor.
    3. Common Sense on Mutual Funds.
    4. A Random Walk Down Wall Street.
    5. Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.
    6. The Alchemy of Finance.
    7. Liar’s Poker.
    8. Freakonomics
    9. Competitive Strategy

    Start Couponing

    A coupon is the same as cash. for instance, if you have a $5.00 off coupon on a box of cornflakes, the cashier gets a coupon as though it were cash. Here are eleven places where you can get the coupons that will help you to save extra cash on both grocery and personal products you buy every week. ForExample-Internet Printable, Direct From the Manufacturer,, Sunday Newspapers, Directly on Products, Purchase Coupons Online, Magazines, Tear-pads or Blinkies, Weekly Grocery Store Ad, Free Samples, Coupon Apps. Top Couponing Apps to Save Money: SnipSnap, Coupon Sherpa, Yowza, ShopKick, CardStar, Checkout51, Grocery IQ, Yipit.

    Learn How to Invest

    Learn how to invest because it is important and means you are making your money work for you. There are 3 main types of investments like Stocks, Bonds, Cash equivalent. Below I have given a few of the best low-risk investment options. These options let you earn a straight return with almost no risk and threat at all. For example:

    1. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)
    2. Money Market Funds.
    3. Municipal Bonds.
    4. Cash Value Life Insurance.
    5. Online Checking Account.
    6. Bank Bonuses.
    7. Preferred Stock.


    Review your Budget

    There are four ways to revise your budget each year:
    Let keep spending categories in the budget current. When updating your budget, categorize your expenses, Renew income, and expenses. Review any adjustment or change in pay that are not included in your budget, reduce or cut unnecessary spending, and finally include new savings goals.

    Review your Finance

    Financial statement review is a special service in which the accountant gets a limited guarantee that there are no material adjustments that need to be made to an entity’s financial statements for them to be of television with the applicable financial reporting framework, for example, IPRS or GAAP. So set sensible and measurable goals for yourself, review your plan and financial situation periodically and adjust as needed, and always review the performance of your investments; enclose the investment if needed and reinvest the money somewhere else. The best personal finance software of 2019 is “Mvelopes” for Envelope Budgeting, “Moneyspire” for Paying Bills, “YNAB” for Budgeting, “BankTree” Investment Management.

    Organize your Receipt and Billing Statement:

    There are Six Tips for Keeping Your Expenses Organized, for example:

    • Step 01: Keep your every Invoice and Bill. Never throw away your Invoices, Bills, or Credit Card statement before checking.
    • Step 02: Organized these as Due Date.
    • Step 03: Use effective Software or create a Spreadsheet.
    • Step 04: Keep every Receipt carefully.
    • Step 05: Make important Notes on your Receipts.
    • Step 06: Don’t forget to scan your Receipts

    More Effective, Useful, and Productive Things to Do Instead Of Watching TV.

    I believe that some of the best Effective, Useful, and Active things to do instead of watching TV are being active. This can help to develop, improve, and recover your mind, your well-being, and more.

    Here’s a swift list of different productive things you can do instead of watching TV:

    • Do yoga.
    • Meditate.
    • Geocache.
    • Go for a bike ride.
    • Play with your pet.
    • Go for a swim.
    • Look at the stars.
    • Go fishing.
    • Go camping.
    • Have a picnic.
    • Go for a hike.
    • Have a bonfire.
    • Go for a walk.
    • Watch the sunset or sunrise.
    • Go rock climbing.
    • Find free attractions in your city.
    • Train for a marathon.
    • Organize a Kitchen Drawer a Day
    • Organize Drawers
    • Fix Something around your Home
    • Learn to Cook better Meals
    • Get Rid of Your Clutter
    • Clean out your Pantry

    In this busy and expensive modern life, TV is an easy and cheap source of entertainment. Sex, violence, and crime are frequently spreading on TV. Two-thirds of all TV programming contains violence, researchers say. Children who watch violent acts on TV are more likely to display hostile behavior. In the United States, a child sees 16,000 murders and 200,000 acts of violence by the time they reach their 18th birthday.

    Recent Research Indicated…

    Recent researches have shown a connection between watching violence on TV and assault that starts in childhood to adulthood. Most of the viewers duplicate sexual, criminal, violent, and other risky behavior that they watch on TV. As a result, they face meetings with trouble, or jail, or in a hospital.

    Waste of Time

    It is a waste of time. There are thousands of channels available; viewers spend hour’s just flipping channels trying to get something worthwhile.

    Television can destroy your relationship. Most people are watching television instead of communicating with their friends, relative, and beloved ones, so this is a big problem in our society.

    For people who watch TV a lot, it is very hard to quit. It is similar to a habit like alcoholism or any other addiction. Studies have found that up to 12% of television watchers feel unhappy about the amount of TV they see and feel unable to stop themselves.

    So please never stop learning. It is always evolving, so be prepared to roll with the changes. It’s good to say there is ‘no ceiling’ when it comes to what you can discover, learn, and what you can do with it.

    Final Words

    To avoid watching TV you should monitor and track how much time you waste on TV. Develop a purpose and mission for your life. Realize that TV is stealing your life, find alternatives to watching TV, don’t start watching new shows, exerciser regularly, and finally, stop watching television completely.

    Source: TipsFu

  • Simple Habits To Make Your Life Better

    Simple Habits To Make Your Life Better

    Yes, You have to apply some simple habits to make your life better. I know you use the word BUSY too much. Especially when your close friend asks you how you are doing.

    Most of the time we use it as a simple excuse to adjourn on unhappy works. But believe me; still, you have enough time and enough resources or tasks to improve yourself.

    Just keep desire in your mind and try to find the ways through which you can perform and get your goal.

    The possibilities are limitless in life. You have to stop prioritizing the busy parts of your life.

    Try to track your unnecessary and unhealthy spending habits. Try to learn something new and something useful for your life.

    Make your time asks for the necessary things for the constant development of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

    01. Read a Book Every Day:

    You should read an attractive and interesting book on topics of your interest which is one of the best and easiest ways to make your life better. If you do this, you will learn something helpful regarding your area of interest. Read the daily newspaper, as a result, you can find out new things that happen in the world.

    02. Learn a New Language:

    Learning a new language and dealing with another culture help, enables people to achieve a more profound understanding of their own culture. It let to feed your brain. Research shows that the person who speaks more than one language have improved memory, critical thinking, problem-solving skill, ability to multitask, and better listing skills.

    03. Pick up a New Hobby:

    Make a new and effective hobby. For example, gardening, camping, Hiking, Bird watching, reading books, writing, etc. It helps to relieve your stress, encourage you to take a break, offer new challenges and experience, allow you to explore yourself and your talents, improve your career, provide additional income, help to transition you to retirement.

    04. Take up a New Course:

    There are important benefits to enrolling and taking these courses like, learn more about the World Around you with Culinary Arts Courses, Improve your overall Cooking Skills, Gives you Hands-On Experience, Accounting & Finance, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering, Agriculture & Forestry, Anatomy & Physiology, Architecture, etc.

    05. Create An Inspirational Room:

    Inspiration has a major effect on important life outcomes and it can be activated, captured, and manipulated. Just imagine having a room in your dream home that heals your mind, body, and soul. I suggest that everyone should set up space in their homes for daily meditation or give him “Me Time”. This special room provides you with the opportunity to recharge your body both mentally and physically, and help to keep you balanced.

    06. Level up Your Skills:

    With some simple, effortless exercises and changes to your habits, you can level up and overcome your lean-to see tremendous rewards. For example, Stop being a solutions provider, Shift to a constructive tone, Change how you discipline, Be the leader employees want to follow, Take in the view from an employee perspective, Delegate, and divide, Make an effort to inspire your team.

    07. Wake up Early:

    Early morning risers can use the extra time to cleanse, moisturize, and exfoliate. In 2008, Texas University’s study, college students who are early riser earned a full point higher on their GPAs than those who are “night owls”. Harvard Biologist Christoph Randler discovered in 2008 that the early risers become more proactive. Sleeping requirements vary from person to person. Most healthy adults require between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.

    08. Have a Weekly Exercise Routine:

    You should make a weekly exercise routine for your better life because it can make you feel happier, help with weight loss, good for your muscles and bones, increase your energy levels, reduce your risk of chronic disease, help your brain health and memory, help relaxation and sleep quality.

    09. Start Your Life Handbook:

    Many people in this world live aimlessly. They live with no clarity of what they need to accomplish. A perfect and effective life handbook is your guidebook to live your best life. It is also incredibly powerful in many ways. Having a good handbook is a key step to becoming a true leader of your life.

    10. Write a Letter to Your Future Self:

    Write a letter to your future self is an incredible exercise to do no matter how old you are. This letter to yourself gives you insight and teaches you precious life lessons that will stick with you long afterward. It works as your second-best good wisher or friend. It helps to cultivate gratitude, increase self-awareness, appreciate the passage of time, and give you a good memory.

    11. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone:

    How do you get out of your comfort zone? There are some effective ways to step out of your comfort zone and overcome your fear. For example, you should become aware of what’s outside of your comfort zone, become clear about what you are aiming to overcome, get comfortable with discomfort, see failure as a teacher, hang out with risk-takers, be honest with yourself when you are trying to make excuses, identify how stepping out will benefit you.

    12. Put Someone Up To a Challenge:

    It would be very nice if life gave us one challenging situation at a time to deal with. It is universal that challenges set a goal and encourage you to plan a stepped process to achieve your goal and also provide us with a story we can use to empower, motivate, and inspire others. A challenge has a target and may be accomplished with other participants of the challenge.

    13. Ask For Feedback:

    Successfully understanding feedback to become a better version of ourselves in life. Personally, I like most of the get feedback, whether it is negative or positive, as long as I can get better at what I do. However, the feedback you learn the most from: is the feedback that hits you hardest.

    14. Stay Focused With To-Do Lists:

    You have to use to-do lists every day. Record your tasks: Let’s write down all the things you require to complete. Prioritize your important tasks. Some best app to-do list. For example, Wunderlist, Todoist, Trello, ToodleDo, Any Do, Things, TickTick, and Google Keep, etc.

    15. Get into Action:

    Get into action to improve my personal development. Here are 7 things you can do in your daily life to improve your personal development. For example, read about what you want to improve, Find a mentor, Reflect at the end of each day, Create a strong practice regiment, Find others to push you and train, Create a reward/punishment system.

    16. Learn from People Who Inspire You:

    Have you ever been inspired by others? Meet inspiring people and be an inspiration to yourself. Famous persons who will inspire you to never give up. For Instance, J.K Rowling, Stephen King, Jim Carrey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tyler Perry, Shania Twain, Emily Blunt, etc.

    17. Quit a Bad Habit:

    Improved memory by quitting smoking, Be smarter through reduced sugar intake, Longer lifespan and get natural life by watching less TV, Reduced wrinkles by cutting sweet treats, Reduced risk of dementia by avoiding negative emotions, Save big money by giving up alcohol, Be happier by ditching junk food. Be active by doing physical activity, Honor your own wisdom, Monitor your negative self-talk, Practice self-compassion.

    18. Cultivate New Habit:

    Develop a positive mental attitude. Set a goal and focus. Create a source of motivation or inspiration. Start simple and trust the process. Track your progress (Routine, Structures, and System), Gratitude, and kindness. Say no to laziness and procrastination.

    19. Avoid Negative People:

    Stay away from negative people. You cannot expect to live a better life if you hang with negative people. Because they always try to demean your value, destroy your image, arrange your dreams, discredit your imagination, neglect your abilities, and disbelieve your opinions.

    20. Learn to Deal with Difficult People:

    How to deal with difficult people? Just be calm, understand the person’s intentions, try to get some perspective from others, let the person know where you are coming from, try to treat the person with respect, focus on what can be auctioned upon. Knowing your own darkness is one of the best processes for dealing with difficult people. The interesting fact of difficult people is that the difficult people we encounter can be our greatest teachers.

    21. Start a Journal:

    It is simply writing down your own thoughts and feelings to comprehend them more clearly. Starting a journal helps to keep your thought organized, improve your writing, set and achieve your goals, record ideas on the go, relieve stress, allow yourself to self-reflect, boost your memory, and inspires creativity.

    22. Start A Blog About Personal Development:

    Sign up for web hosting, choose a hosting plan, pick a domain name for your personal blog, complete your hosting registration, install CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, log in and write your blog post. It helps to express yourself and share your passions, helps to share your knowledge, refines your writing skills, learns how to make money online, build your professional network, earn more exposure.

    23. Get a Mentor or Coach:

    There are SIX benefits that a mentor or coach can bring to the individual. For example, establish and act towards achieving goals, increased engagement, a deeper level of learning, a safe place to achieve perspective, build personal awareness, support for improving specific skills.

    24. Reduce the Time You Spend On Chat Programs:

    There are three strategies that can help you to reduce the time you spend on chat or social programs and make your life better than before.

    01. Just delete social and email apps from your phone. You can use them on the browser when you need it.
    02. You can use the addon StayFocused. It is a Chrome extension that lets you specify the maximum time you can spend on a website every day. When you set up or hit the limit, the specific page closes.
    03. You can use or install the News Feed Eradicator. It helps to reduce your whole News Feed with a motivational quote.

    25. Stop Watching TV:

    In this busy and expensive modern life, TV is a cheap and easy source of entertainment. As a result, Sex, violence, brutality, and crime are frequently spreading on television. Two-thirds of all television programming have violence. Children who watch violent acts on TV are more liable to display aggressive behavior. A child sees 16,000 murders and 200,000 acts of violence In the United State by the time they reach their 18th birthday.

    New studies showed a correlation between watching violence on television and stabbing that starts in childhood to adulthood. Most of the television viewers reproduce sexual, brutality, criminal, violence, and other risky behavior that they watch on TV. So, they face serious trouble, or jail, or in a hospital.
    To stay away from watching TV you should observe, follow, and track how much time you waste on TV.

    Develop a purpose and mission for your life. Realize that TV is stealing your life, find alternatives to watching TV, don’t start watching new shows, exercise regularly, and finally, stop watching television completely.

    26. Meditate:

    Try to practice meditation regularly. It will not help you to build strong muscles or bodies, but it helps you to perform more physically demanding works. It also helps you to reduce stress, control anxiety, promote emotional health, enhances self-awareness, lengthen attention span, reduce age-related memory loss, generate kindness, and help to fight against addictions.

    27. Join Toastmasters (Learn Public Speaking):

    Why the public speaking is so important? An influential speech can be differentiated from an informative and useful speech by the fact that it includes a call for action for the meeting or audience to make some change in their thinking or behavior. It also allows us to build connections, influence and control decisions, motivate change, and build success in your professional life, communicate with others more clearly, build overall confidence, become an effective member or volunteer.

    28. Befriend Top People in Their Fields:

    Follow these smart techniques to connect with influential people. For example, find connectors, ask for interviews, offer a solution for a specific problem, and use LinkedIn to connect, attend an event, and join a program.

    29. Show Kindness to People around You:

    Follow some simple but priceless steps to show kindness to people around you. For example, volunteer at a homeless, orphanage or women’s shelter, donate your old dress or bag of stuff that you no longer use, offer your seat to someone on the bus, train, or subway, offer to help an elderly person who crosses the road or load groceries into their car, forgive someone for something they did with you, give someone a ride who needs it, give your old warm cloth, coat or blanket to someone who needs this or homeless persons, smile at passersby because it acts as a charity.
    After following all the above simple tips, I believe you will find yourself confident and feel better in your daily life. You can start to develop better habits.


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