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Showing posts with label life hack. Show all posts
  • Simple Habits To Make Your Life Better

    Yes, You have to apply some simple habits to make your life better. I know you use the word BUSY too much. Especially when your close friend asks you how you are doing.

    Most of the time we use it as a simple excuse to adjourn on unhappy works. But believe me; still, you have enough time and enough resources or tasks to improve yourself.

    Just keep desire in your mind and try to find the ways through which you can perform and get your goal.

    The possibilities are limitless in life. You have to stop prioritizing the busy parts of your life.

    Try to track your unnecessary and unhealthy spending habits. Try to learn something new and something useful for your life.

    Make your time asks for the necessary things for the constant development of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

    01. Read a Book Every Day:

    You should read an attractive and interesting book on topics of your interest which is one of the best and easiest ways to make your life better. If you do this, you will learn something helpful regarding your area of interest. Read the daily newspaper, as a result, you can find out new things that happen in the world.

    02. Learn a New Language:

    Learning a new language and dealing with another culture help, enables people to achieve a more profound understanding of their own culture. It let to feed your brain. Research shows that the person who speaks more than one language have improved memory, critical thinking, problem-solving skill, ability to multitask, and better listing skills.

    03. Pick up a New Hobby:

    Make a new and effective hobby. For example, gardening, camping, Hiking, Bird watching, reading books, writing, etc. It helps to relieve your stress, encourage you to take a break, offer new challenges and experience, allow you to explore yourself and your talents, improve your career, provide additional income, help to transition you to retirement.

    04. Take up a New Course:

    There are important benefits to enrolling and taking these courses like, learn more about the World Around you with Culinary Arts Courses, Improve your overall Cooking Skills, Gives you Hands-On Experience, Accounting & Finance, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering, Agriculture & Forestry, Anatomy & Physiology, Architecture, etc.

    05. Create An Inspirational Room:

    Inspiration has a major effect on important life outcomes and it can be activated, captured, and manipulated. Just imagine having a room in your dream home that heals your mind, body, and soul. I suggest that everyone should set up space in their homes for daily meditation or give him “Me Time”. This special room provides you with the opportunity to recharge your body both mentally and physically, and help to keep you balanced.

    06. Level up Your Skills:

    With some simple, effortless exercises and changes to your habits, you can level up and overcome your lean-to see tremendous rewards. For example, Stop being a solutions provider, Shift to a constructive tone, Change how you discipline, Be the leader employees want to follow, Take in the view from an employee perspective, Delegate, and divide, Make an effort to inspire your team.

    07. Wake up Early:

    Early morning risers can use the extra time to cleanse, moisturize, and exfoliate. In 2008, Texas University’s study, college students who are early riser earned a full point higher on their GPAs than those who are “night owls”. Harvard Biologist Christoph Randler discovered in 2008 that the early risers become more proactive. Sleeping requirements vary from person to person. Most healthy adults require between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.

    08. Have a Weekly Exercise Routine:

    You should make a weekly exercise routine for your better life because it can make you feel happier, help with weight loss, good for your muscles and bones, increase your energy levels, reduce your risk of chronic disease, help your brain health and memory, help relaxation and sleep quality.

    09. Start Your Life Handbook:

    Many people in this world live aimlessly. They live with no clarity of what they need to accomplish. A perfect and effective life handbook is your guidebook to live your best life. It is also incredibly powerful in many ways. Having a good handbook is a key step to becoming a true leader of your life.

    10. Write a Letter to Your Future Self:

    Write a letter to your future self is an incredible exercise to do no matter how old you are. This letter to yourself gives you insight and teaches you precious life lessons that will stick with you long afterward. It works as your second-best good wisher or friend. It helps to cultivate gratitude, increase self-awareness, appreciate the passage of time, and give you a good memory.

    11. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone:

    How do you get out of your comfort zone? There are some effective ways to step out of your comfort zone and overcome your fear. For example, you should become aware of what’s outside of your comfort zone, become clear about what you are aiming to overcome, get comfortable with discomfort, see failure as a teacher, hang out with risk-takers, be honest with yourself when you are trying to make excuses, identify how stepping out will benefit you.

    12. Put Someone Up To a Challenge:

    It would be very nice if life gave us one challenging situation at a time to deal with. It is universal that challenges set a goal and encourage you to plan a stepped process to achieve your goal and also provide us with a story we can use to empower, motivate, and inspire others. A challenge has a target and may be accomplished with other participants of the challenge.

    13. Ask For Feedback:

    Successfully understanding feedback to become a better version of ourselves in life. Personally, I like most of the get feedback, whether it is negative or positive, as long as I can get better at what I do. However, the feedback you learn the most from: is the feedback that hits you hardest.

    14. Stay Focused With To-Do Lists:

    You have to use to-do lists every day. Record your tasks: Let’s write down all the things you require to complete. Prioritize your important tasks. Some best app to-do list. For example, Wunderlist, Todoist, Trello, ToodleDo, Any Do, Things, TickTick, and Google Keep, etc.

    15. Get into Action:

    Get into action to improve my personal development. Here are 7 things you can do in your daily life to improve your personal development. For example, read about what you want to improve, Find a mentor, Reflect at the end of each day, Create a strong practice regiment, Find others to push you and train, Create a reward/punishment system.

    16. Learn from People Who Inspire You:

    Have you ever been inspired by others? Meet inspiring people and be an inspiration to yourself. Famous persons who will inspire you to never give up. For Instance, J.K Rowling, Stephen King, Jim Carrey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tyler Perry, Shania Twain, Emily Blunt, etc.

    17. Quit a Bad Habit:

    Improved memory by quitting smoking, Be smarter through reduced sugar intake, Longer lifespan and get natural life by watching less TV, Reduced wrinkles by cutting sweet treats, Reduced risk of dementia by avoiding negative emotions, Save big money by giving up alcohol, Be happier by ditching junk food. Be active by doing physical activity, Honor your own wisdom, Monitor your negative self-talk, Practice self-compassion.

    18. Cultivate New Habit:

    Develop a positive mental attitude. Set a goal and focus. Create a source of motivation or inspiration. Start simple and trust the process. Track your progress (Routine, Structures, and System), Gratitude, and kindness. Say no to laziness and procrastination.

    19. Avoid Negative People:

    Stay away from negative people. You cannot expect to live a better life if you hang with negative people. Because they always try to demean your value, destroy your image, arrange your dreams, discredit your imagination, neglect your abilities, and disbelieve your opinions.

    20. Learn to Deal with Difficult People:

    How to deal with difficult people? Just be calm, understand the person’s intentions, try to get some perspective from others, let the person know where you are coming from, try to treat the person with respect, focus on what can be auctioned upon. Knowing your own darkness is one of the best processes for dealing with difficult people. The interesting fact of difficult people is that the difficult people we encounter can be our greatest teachers.

    21. Start a Journal:

    It is simply writing down your own thoughts and feelings to comprehend them more clearly. Starting a journal helps to keep your thought organized, improve your writing, set and achieve your goals, record ideas on the go, relieve stress, allow yourself to self-reflect, boost your memory, and inspires creativity.

    22. Start A Blog About Personal Development:

    Sign up for web hosting, choose a hosting plan, pick a domain name for your personal blog, complete your hosting registration, install CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, log in and write your blog post. It helps to express yourself and share your passions, helps to share your knowledge, refines your writing skills, learns how to make money online, build your professional network, earn more exposure.

    23. Get a Mentor or Coach:

    There are SIX benefits that a mentor or coach can bring to the individual. For example, establish and act towards achieving goals, increased engagement, a deeper level of learning, a safe place to achieve perspective, build personal awareness, support for improving specific skills.

    24. Reduce the Time You Spend On Chat Programs:

    There are three strategies that can help you to reduce the time you spend on chat or social programs and make your life better than before.

    01. Just delete social and email apps from your phone. You can use them on the browser when you need it.
    02. You can use the addon StayFocused. It is a Chrome extension that lets you specify the maximum time you can spend on a website every day. When you set up or hit the limit, the specific page closes.
    03. You can use or install the News Feed Eradicator. It helps to reduce your whole News Feed with a motivational quote.

    25. Stop Watching TV:

    In this busy and expensive modern life, TV is a cheap and easy source of entertainment. As a result, Sex, violence, brutality, and crime are frequently spreading on television. Two-thirds of all television programming have violence. Children who watch violent acts on TV are more liable to display aggressive behavior. A child sees 16,000 murders and 200,000 acts of violence In the United State by the time they reach their 18th birthday.

    New studies showed a correlation between watching violence on television and stabbing that starts in childhood to adulthood. Most of the television viewers reproduce sexual, brutality, criminal, violence, and other risky behavior that they watch on TV. So, they face serious trouble, or jail, or in a hospital.
    To stay away from watching TV you should observe, follow, and track how much time you waste on TV.

    Develop a purpose and mission for your life. Realize that TV is stealing your life, find alternatives to watching TV, don’t start watching new shows, exercise regularly, and finally, stop watching television completely.

    26. Meditate:

    Try to practice meditation regularly. It will not help you to build strong muscles or bodies, but it helps you to perform more physically demanding works. It also helps you to reduce stress, control anxiety, promote emotional health, enhances self-awareness, lengthen attention span, reduce age-related memory loss, generate kindness, and help to fight against addictions.

    27. Join Toastmasters (Learn Public Speaking):

    Why the public speaking is so important? An influential speech can be differentiated from an informative and useful speech by the fact that it includes a call for action for the meeting or audience to make some change in their thinking or behavior. It also allows us to build connections, influence and control decisions, motivate change, and build success in your professional life, communicate with others more clearly, build overall confidence, become an effective member or volunteer.

    28. Befriend Top People in Their Fields:

    Follow these smart techniques to connect with influential people. For example, find connectors, ask for interviews, offer a solution for a specific problem, and use LinkedIn to connect, attend an event, and join a program.

    29. Show Kindness to People around You:

    Follow some simple but priceless steps to show kindness to people around you. For example, volunteer at a homeless, orphanage or women’s shelter, donate your old dress or bag of stuff that you no longer use, offer your seat to someone on the bus, train, or subway, offer to help an elderly person who crosses the road or load groceries into their car, forgive someone for something they did with you, give someone a ride who needs it, give your old warm cloth, coat or blanket to someone who needs this or homeless persons, smile at passersby because it acts as a charity.
    After following all the above simple tips, I believe you will find yourself confident and feel better in your daily life. You can start to develop better habits.


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