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  • Reaz Uddin

    Reaz Uddin

    My name is Reaz Uddin. I have completed BBA (Management), MBA (HRM) as well as Homeopathic Medical College. I am also a Web Designer and Developer, SEO expert.
  • Vanish Technology: Improving Privacy of Web with Self-Destructing Data

    Vanish Technology: Improving Privacy of Web with Self-Destructing Data

    Vanish Technology

    Computing and act through the net make it virtually not possible to go away the past behind. School Facebook posts or footage will resurface during employment interview; a lost or taken pc (portable computer) will expose personal photos or messages; or a legal investigation will subpoena the whole contents of a home or work computer, uncovering incriminating or simply embarrassing details from the past.
    Our analysis seeks to safeguard the privacy of past, archived knowledge — like copies of emails maintained by associate email supplier — against accidental, malicious, and legal attacks. Specifically, we tend to would like to confirm that all copies of certain knowledge become undecipherable when a user-specified time, with none specific action on the a part of a user, without having to trust any single third party to perform the deletion, Associate in Nursing although an offender obtains each a cached copy of that information and therefore the user's scientific discipline keys and password
    Vanish could be a research aimed at meeting this challenge through a completely unique integration of scientific discipline techniques with distributed systems. we have a tendency to at the start enforced a proof-of-concept Vanish model that uses the million-node Vuze Bit Torrent DHT to make self-destructing information. For an outline of our Vuze-based self-destructing system, please check with our paper.

    Research Contributions

    • Overall, we've so far created many important contributions to the self-destructing knowledge drawback and beyond; a number of these contributions are already revealed, whereas others are still in the works:
      We outlined an ambitious analysis agenda for self-destructing knowledge within the cloud. a major demand during this agenda is deletion while not trusting any single party. This agenda is introduced in an exceedingly paper that appeared at USENIX Security '09.
    • We designed and designed a model distributed-trust self-destructing information system based on the Vuze DHT. an outline and preliminary analysis of our example is enclosed in our USENIX Security '09 paper
    • Following the demonstration of Vuze's status to Sybil data-crawling attacks, we tend to designed, enforced and deployed security-enhancing options to the live million-node Vuze DHT. we have a tendency to are presently acting on a paper that demonstrates these options.
    • We designed new different structures for self-destructing knowledge supported geographically distributed servers and hierarchal secret sharing. Our next paper also will embody descriptions of those new structures.
    • Inspired by our efforts to form the Vuze DHT mildew Vanish higher, we have a tendency to design a next-generation "active" DHT, referred to them as the extraterrestrial object, that expands the appliance house for key-value storage systems by building support for application-specific customizations into these systems. A paper describing estraterrestrial body can seem at OSDI '10.
    Source: vanish.washington

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  • Foods That Purify Liver

    Foods That Purify Liver


    By adding avocado to your diet is good selection it can wash the toxins and facilitates to filter out the unwanted materials from liver.

    Garlic helps to stimulate enzymes which can flush out the toxins.The two most natural compounds allicin and selenium that support in liver cleaning and protect liver from harm.
    Grape fruits: 

    Grape fruits are famous for high anti oxidant properties and vitamin C present in it.By eating or drinking  juice of grape fruit can wash the carcinogens and toxins.
    Green tea:  

    It is wealthy in anti oxidants which will progress liver function and cleaning.
    Leafy greens:  

    Leafy greens for example spinach can manage the chemicals,pesticides that may be include in your food.It defends the mechanism for liver.

    Turmeric is renowned for digestion of fat and sustain the production of bile.It also purify the liver and aid in the functioning of  liver.

    Walnuts are really excellent source of glutathione and also for omega-3 fatty acids and  can help to liver in cleansing process.

    Source: wikiwebnews
  • What Is IT Infrastructure And What Are Its Components?

    What Is IT Infrastructure And What Are Its Components?

    What Is IT Infrastructure And What Are Its Components?

    This is the term IT infrastructure which is shown in a regular or standard named Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v3 to the composite of software, hardware, networks, facilities, etc with all of the information technology, with the purpose of deliver, monitor, develop, control or support The IT services. It allows an organization to deliver IT solution and services to its partners and customers, employees and is normally internal to an organization and develop within owned facilities. We also have to know about an IT Manager, an Information Technology Manager is responsible for maintaining and implementing an organization’s technology infrastructure. And today Business mostly rely on a central Information processing system to support efficient data management and communications.
    IT infrastructure is the shared technology resources that supply the perfect platform for the firm’s definite information system applications. IT Infrastructure contains software, hardware and services that are shared across the whole firm. Most important IT infrastructure components include computer hardware platforms, operating system platforms, database management software, networking and telecommunications platforms, enterprise software platforms, Internet platforms and consulting services and systems integrator.

    Normally, a perfect and standard IT infrastructure must consists of following important components:

    Software: ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning, CRM- Customer Resource Management, productivity application and more…
    Hardware: Servers, data centers, computers, switches, hubs and routers etc.
    Networks: It includes Internet connection, Network enablement, firewall and security.
    Meatware: Including Human users, for example Network Administrators (NA), designers and developers, genetic end users with the access to any IT application or other service are also important part of an IT infrastructure.

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  • What are the Challenges of Managing IT Infrastructure and Management Solutions?

    What are the Challenges of Managing IT Infrastructure and Management Solutions?

    What are the Challenges of Managing IT Infrastructure and Management Solutions?

    Major challenges embody handling platform and infrastructure modification, infrastructure management, and governance, and creating wise infrastructure investments. resolution guidelines include employing a competitive forces model to work out what proportion to pay thereon infrastructure and wherever to form strategic infrastructure investments, and establishing the total value of the ownership (TCO) of information technology assets. the overall value of owning technology resources includes not only the first value of computer hardware and software package but also costs for hardware and software upgrades, maintenance, technical support, and coaching.

  • What Are The Stages And Technology Drivers Of IT Infrastructure Evolution?

    What Are The Stages And Technology Drivers Of IT Infrastructure Evolution?

    What Are The Stages And Technology Drivers Of IT Infrastructure Evolution?

    There are 5 stages of IT infrastructure evolution, these are:
    1. The Mainframe Era,
    2. The Personal Computer Era,
    3. The Client/Server Era,
    4. The Enterprise Computing Era and
    5. The Cloud Computing Era.
    The Law of the Moore deals with the exponential augments in processing power and decline within the worth of technology, stating that every eighteen months the ability of microprocessors doubles and also the value of computing falls in half. The Law of Mass Digital Storage deals with the exponential decrease within the value of storing information, stating that the quantity of kilobytes of information which will be kept on magnetic media for $1 nearly doubles in every fifteen months. The Law of Metcalfe helps shows that a network’s worth to participants grows exponentially because the network takes on additional members. Additionally driving exploding pc use is that the swift decline in prices of communication and growing agreement within the technology business to use computing and communications standards.

  • What Are The Current Trends In Computer Hardware Platforms?

    What Are The Current Trends In Computer Hardware Platforms?

    Many companies are gradually changing computing platforms from personal PC and desktop devices into latest mobile devices for example cell phones and Smartphone.
    The promising mobile digital computing platform, grid computing, and on-demand cloud computing demonstrate that, gradually more, computing is going on and taking place over a network.
    Grid computing involves of connecting organically distant computers into a particular network to create a computational grid that comes together with the computing power of all the computers on the network with which to attack big computing problems.
    Cloud computing is a model of computing where firms and individuals acquire computing power and software applications over the Internet, rather than purchasing and installing the software and hardware on their own computers. In autonomic computing, computer systems have capabilities for automatically configuring and repairing themselves. It is the computing model, which affords services like "Computer Processing", "Storage", "Software" and "Other Services" over the internet. These computing resources are accessed by any needy through connected devices.
    Virtualization organizes computing resources in order that their use isn't restricted by physical configuration or geographic location. Server image allows firms to run over one software system at the sometimes on a similar pc. A multi-core processor could be a microprocessor to that 2 or additional processors are connected for increased performance, cut back power consumption and additional economical coinciding processing of multiple tasks.
    Many of the companies that started out introducing On Demand application services have developed platform services as well. The platform sector of cloud computing refers to products that are usually used to organize internet. Google, NetSuite, Amazon, and Microsoft have also developed platforms that let users access applications from centralized servers.

    NEXT: What Are The Current Trends In Software Platforms?

    NEXT: What Are The Current Trends In Software Platforms?

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